APACHE 2.0 Software License

All MATLAB source code is provided under the APACHE 2.0 license. Check out: Bob Butterfield’s informal explanation of the official APACHE 2.0 license  located at: The bottom line is simply the Apache 2.0 license allows you to use, modify, and distribute the software as long as you keep the relevant LICENSE.txt notices associated with the software intact. You can incorporate this free software into your commercial projects royalty free without requiring additional permission from RMG Consulting Inc. Also if you are working under the GNU license which is an open-source license, you can incorporate this code into GNU open-source projects as well. The APACHE 2.0 license also says that if there is a software bug in the code or an algorithm design problem with this software and you use it in your project and consequently your project or some outcome of that project suffers because of that software bug or design problem, you can’t attribute the blame to the owner of the software which is RMG Consulting Inc. Please note further the current software is under active development and refinement and despite my best efforts may have software bugs or algorithm design flaws. This software has not been extensively tested and is therefore likely to have bugs and algorithm design flaws. The MATLAB source code on this website is the property of RMG Consulting, Inc.


MATLAB Compiler Runtime-Library Installer Licenses

My MATLAB license agreement with the MATHWORKS  provides you with legal permission to install (for free) the MCR installer programs available on this website on as many computers as you like only for the purpose of running the software provided on this website. The MCR installer is the property of MATLAB (

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