Dr. Golden’s Neural Network Book

Book cover for Mathematical Methods for Neural Network Analysis and Design Mathematical Methods for Neural Network
Analysis and Design

(Golden, 1996, MIT Press).

The goal of this graduate level textbook is to provide the researcher with mathematical tools for rigorously analyzing and designing Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Systems. This textbook is not an introduction to ANN systems but assumes the reader already has some knowledge of ANN systems and wishes to obtain a deeper understanding of the mathematical tools required for the analysis of high-dimensional and highly nonlinear ANN systems.

Professor Halbert White, Professor of Economics, University California San Diego.
“This is a careful and comprehensive mathematical treatment of neural networks. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in gaining a solid mathematical foundation in this exciting area. The book is especially suitable for use as a textbook for well-prepared grad students. We’ve needed a book like this for a long time, and now we have one!”

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